Dangerous foods for dogs!


Is cinnamon oil safe for dogs? It is very much dangerous for pregnant dogs. It causes serious uterus issues which could lead the dog to the death in sever conditions.


Nuts and almonds

From the nuts are provendangerous Macadamia nuts,poisoning were not reported in dogs.Starting neither material nor accuratemechanism of action is not yet known.Poisoning is manifested by vomiting,weakness, incoordination, tremorsand high temperature. Sometimes they appearand muscle pain and swollen joints.

Poisonhealthy dogs is usually not fatal, cases of death of the dog are described only if the animal had alreadypoisoning before any disease or liver disease and kidney disease, or if you ate nutsin foods containing chocolate at the same time.In tonsil, the problem content of glycosides which are incorporated in their molecules cyanides.

Almonds are divided into bitter and sweet varieties. Bitter almonds longer, according to information from the law notbe available in regular distribution, standards are set only on the sweet varieties. For bitteralmonds are fatal for five fetuses and 15 fetus’s child to an adult, so from their useretreated. In sweet varieties cyanide concentrations about 10 times lower, therefore, do not cause toxicityin adult humans (poisoning them would have to eat about 150 or more).

Children are not recommendedbigger amount. Cyanides in the cell block the possibility of using oxygen and poisoning occurs insideasphyxiation, although blood contains oxygen.Walnuts are toxic to horses although in documented cases oftendescribes consumed whole fruit, including skin, so it is unclear whether the toxicitydirectly caused by seed.For other dry fruits are no studies on their safety for animalsthe literature does not mention.

General risks associated with the consumption of dry fruits are:

  1. the possibility of allergic reactions, including severe
  2. high content of fat and the resulting danger to the pancreas – pancreatitis possible, andVery often digestive problems and diarrhea
  3. poorly stored dry fruits are easily attacked by fungi, danger, Poisoning toxins these molds
  4. Salted dry fruits are dangerous high salt content, which disrupts the mineralthe balance of the body and leads to poisoning salts.

According to nutritionists dogs and cats while feeding them dry fruitsanimals associated with a relatively low risk of health damage (except for specified exceptions), butunjustified.

Carnivores is not in its natural composition of food and do not need them.Animal owners should always study the physiology of farmed species of animal; respecthis physiological needs and feeding unnecessarily neexperiment vat.


Pears and apples are not poisonous to dogs (unlike grapes and avocados). Fruit in somesignificant extent, but it is not the natural diet of dogs, somy response is some health problems can cause if they raised consumption.The problem may be with unripened fruit acids contained in amounts -irritate the stomach and many dogs cannot tolerate it.

At the ripe fruit – uearly pear is very typical, and then it is important great contentsimple sugars, which ferments in the digestive tract, leading to bloating anddiarrhea. With chronic consumption can therefore be connected imbalance inintestinal microflora, dehydration, poor nutrition organism.Rotten fruit often contains patulin – fungal poison.

Ten at a sustainedconsumption influences the amount and function of enzymes in the body andthe most typical damage then drop immunity.PIPS apples and pears and stone fruit pips core middle theninclude cyanides, but only in small quantities, so that a large dogusually hurt.

The condition of toxic effect is their mechanical violations(See a post that will follow on this subject).Piece of apple or pear, cored therefore without a healthy adult dog will not hurt.