top 13 best games play online in 2016

1 World of Tanks

The game has cleared its motto by its name and all you need to do is just build-up your team and make your enemy run-away from you. There are many options available in the game which makes it even more interesting.

2 Lord of the Rings Online

The movies with the same name were epic and so as the game. All the adventure, Zombie fights and other features are available with this game, if you’re a fan of mission games. Although at last, you might need to pay for unlocking the adventure pack of the game.

3 Die2Nite :

The plants vs zombies unblocked killers would love to play this Die2Nite game as it’s the best unblocked game in the niche. Based on the post-apocalyptic scenario, the game has 2 teams of 40 players each with the sole aim of surviving. 

4 Call of Duty :

One of the best first person shooting unblocked games released ever is this Call of Duty unblocked with every element of the game determined to give extraordinary experience to you. It has latest weapons, fine graphics and stunning approach to make it the best choice.

5 Racer

A high class simulator based unblocked racing game named Racer requires a lot of practice before you actually go and try to take on the others. The real time driving experience with the handle options makes this game even more interesting to play.

6 Undead Highway

Well, zombies have attacked you and now you need to find a route to escape from them. There would a car, powerful suits, rocket launches, shotguns, grenades and other weapons to help you out while trying to survive. The simple game line has made it one of the best unblocked games available.

7 Asphalt 8 – Airborne :

The world has gone gaga over this game’s graphics and game play as every racer loves to drive the best cars of the world including Lamborghinis, Porsches and others as well. There are 8 season available to make it engaging enough for you.

8 Urban Dead

A government policy has just left you with zombies to survive and you need to build your own character to take a fight against them. There would be many other players, but only the one who stays alive within the undeads will be the winner.

9 Driving Speed 2

Another one of the top unblocked games available online are this Driving Speed 2 and you‘ll be driving a four V8 powered cars on the 2 circuits. It could definitely be fun to play in free times.

10 World of Living Dead

As clear by its name, this is another best unblocked zombie game with the Google Maps integration in it. You’ll be acting as a savior for the livings and will show a path to them using the maps.

11 Need for Speed World :

The NFS series can’t get neglected while talking about racing games and this NFS World is the best unblocked game option for the free times in schools. The graphics are best in class with lots to driving options as well.

12 Death Highway

A nuclear hazard has done no right to your locality and now you’re on run to survive and stay alive after all being dead in you city. Well, seems good to be a time-passing unblocked games at school! What’d you say? visit site 

13 Final Words

The list can’t end as there are many School top unblocked games available to play and enjoy on weebly. However, we’ve tried to choose best ones for you and if you’ve got any other option or query, then please do let us know in the comment section below.